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R & S Manufacturing & Quality


Natural Project has a wealth of experience in activities regarding R & S with innovative and quality products , Thanks to a continuous investment in human and financial resources dedicated to scientific research. The Group gas an internal team specialised in the research and development of new products that continually interacts with laboratories, third party contractors and manufacturers in order to remain competitive, with innovative products able to anticipate and meet specific customer needs.

The new product development process starts within the Company; the management, as well the scientific department, are constantly striving to produce new ideas that anticipate the Market, interpreting new trends and innovations.

In 2006, the Company established a long-term partnership with the Department of Pharmacology and Biotechnology of Pisa University. Natural Project is constantly investing in research and development to compete in the market and to assert itself at a higher level in terms of innovation, efficacy and the safety of its products. The relationship with Pisa University in Italy has been a real point of strength that has allowed Natural Project to: - gain privileged access to the Faculty’s information database and to its plants and laboratories; - Interaction and collaboration with experts, Professors and graduate students. The partnership with Pisa University has enabled Natural to acquire excellent know-how from which it is still benefiting for its R&S and manufacturing activities. The Company has also concluded a consultancy agreement with one of the most important cosmetologists and formulators in Italian industry.

The continuous interaction of Natural Project’s BREAK team with Laboratories, third party contractors and manufacturers, together with a partnership with one of the most important companies in the field of cosmetics safety are Natural Project’s competitive advantage. Its manufacturing activities are fully outsourced to carefully selected third parties, who manufacture its products in accordance with the specifications laid down by Natural Project’s R & team. All these activities are carried out in compliance with strict procedures Relevant to every product development phase, from conception and formulation to the realisation of the final formula, as well as its manufacturing.

Natural Project’s manufacturing activities are HACCP certified, and the Group Is constantly striving to ensure the best quality levels for its products.

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