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"Create business through knwledge and wisdom" - is at the heart of the manufacturing of the Group's cosmetics, a Group that has chosen to provide unlimited possibilities for beauty.


Natural has for many years been involved in the production of a vast range of cosmetics that really work. The enthusiasm that the Group has for producing and marketing its products is the same desire it wihses to sees in its clientele.


The inspiration, contact and continuous lsitening to the most sophisticated needs of the market is the driving force that allows the company's management to continuously achieve new goals in terms of the evolution of cosmetics, in order to provide practical and satisfactory solutions.


The attention paid to the products, as well as their formulation, also involves the development of exclusive and innovative packaging to provide the highest standards of customer satisfaction.


By always paying attetion to market response, the company creates opportunities for growth and offers practical solutions which increase the turnover of affiliated sales outlets.


The Group contributes, in a real way, to supporting the social and economic development of applied science in cosmetics and the consequent innovations, both through study and research in regard to new carriers and the use of raw materials, as well as through cooperation with specialised laboratories which interface with researchers on the international scene.


The company has also committed itslef to to the financial support of sociological and psychological research on the intrinsic value of beauty and the importance of this asset, which is not at all transient and superficial, but instead has an impportant role in the daily life of all individuals, in relation to society and to oneself.


The following are the fundamental points of Natural's philosophy:

1. To be customer-oriented.

2. To be competitive in relation to formulations.

3. To think globally but act on a local basis.

4. To systematically create ideas and act in short timescales to offer effective solutions to the market that anticipate needs.


The Group's cosmetics are produced and marketed in accordance with current European standards amd legisltive requirements, and are therefore certified and available to the public.


The raw materials are all of the highest possible quality level and they are purhcased on the basis of correct certification and guarantees of effectiveness.

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